14 Channel spectrum analyzer with 280 acrylic leds (WS2812) controlled

14 Channel spectrum analyzer with 280 acrylic leds (WS2812) controlled by Arduino 40Hz – 16Khz Line in / Microphone in Different modes and colours Brightness / Sensitivity / Peak delay control

*** PCB’s********************** Buy the PCB here: https://www.tindie.com/products/21119/ I only ship within European Union. Other countries possible but price for shipping will be charged extra, please inquire. ********************************

 *Key components:* Arduino Mega 2560 Pro Si5351A breakout board WS2812 (74Leds/meter) Acryl 10mm You will need access to a laser cutter to cut out all 280 acrylic Tiles

Although the design of Acryllics, PCB, hardware and modification of firmware is all mine, the idea and original firmware that I started with should be credited to PLATINUM. https://youtu.be/GtKIkkLkrwU

*Project download: * All hardware, software etc. is “as is” and you are free to modify it to your needs. None of the hardware has been tested for CE compliance etc. If you decide to use anything from this design, you do so at your own risk. Coding, PCB and drawings are all available for download. PCB ( no components included) is available but I only ship within Europe. Send me a message or email me at mark.donners@judoles.nl for more information. If you like this project, please share this video to your friends and don’t forget to click the like button and subscribe! Firmware: https://github.com/donnersm/14chspectrum BOM: www.judoles.nl/Projecten/14channelSA/BOMList.pdf Schematic: http://www.judoles.nl/Projecten/14cha… Designfiles http://www.judoles.nl/Projecten/14channelSA/DesignFilesCompleet.zip

Trouble shooting: First bar, first few leds flickering….. This is low frequency noise coming from the powersupply and it is amplified by the opamp. I Compensated a little for it in the software but depending on your Power supply, it might still be there. In my prototype it only happens when i use the mic input. the line in is working just fine. If you have trouble with this you can try changing opamp to a different type or change the power supply, or add a high pass filter , blocking the low noise but thats not easy since it is related to the net frequency of 50 / 60 hz. Compensate for it in software.

If nothing is working or parts are not doing what you you expect, remember the system can be divided into function blocks that you can test one by one:
1. check your power supply is is 5V?
2. when you connect the input to ground so that it will not pickup noise, after 1 minute of so, the unit goes into rainbow mode. This is seen as a colorful set of bars changing colors. IF this is working then you know that the software is running and the driving of the leds works fine!
3. no leds turn on ever! check your connections to the ledstrip. Is is wired correctly?
4. When you remove the msgeq7 Ic’s from their socket, you can apply a voltage to pin 3 of the socket, depending on this voltage( 0-3 V) , you should see 7 bars increasing in numbers of leds that turn on, related to the voltage. You can test this for both the MSGEQ7 Ic’s. If the leds turn on then you problem is with the MSQEQ7 or the preamp. You can leavy out the preamp and connect your audio directly to the center pin of the jumper, bypassing the preamp… stil no succes?
5. Did you hook up the potmeters on the J2 pcb? there is one important for a good function and that is the sensitivity potmeter.
6. Most likely, if everything checks out but it is still not working, the MSGEQ7 is the problem. There are many fakes out there, specially china import….dont trust the MSGEQ7 from Alieexpress. Even my local supplier get me non working ones…..in the end I ordered them at Mouser. Mouser sells directly from sparkfun who is the manufacturer these days… You can check the function of this IC. If is has a clock and an audio input and a strobe, you should see the output changing all the time. It kinda looks like stairs but the steps are always changing.
7. Is the frequency board working? You should see a clock signal on pin 8 of the MSGEQ7?

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