3D Spectrum Analyser (1280 LEDs)

This is a 3D Spectrum Analyser I made back in 2012. I will use it in my next piano videos. So stay tuned!

HolKann (alias) is a friend of mine who wrote the code for this project. After I built the spectrum analyser I asked him to help me with the programming and he was happy to work on the project! It was a learning experience for both of us. Of course I had to have an idea on how and what should be programmed before building this thing but I needed someone to write an optimal code in order for the microprocessor to execute the algorithms at the desired speed. After some evenings of programming we finally got this thing working. We squeezed all juices out of the microprocessor to get a refresh rate of 80 fps and a beat response of about 12ms (the time it takes to process the audio signal and to show it visually)! If there is no input signal for longer than 1 minute the spectrum analyser turns off automatically.

Settings with 6 knobs
– Right Frequency Bound: adjusts the right border of the frequency window. – Left Frequency Bound: adjusts the left border of the frequency window. – Amplitude: sets how high the LEDs can go. – Brightness: adjusts the brightness of the LEDs – Delay: sets how fast the LEDs fall down and is used to smoothen their movement. – Effects: every effect can be chosen seperately or shuffled through by turning the knob completely to the left or right. There are 23 effects, some very similar to the others with some small changes. 16 of these effects are unique depending on how you look at it.


========= | Software | ========= https://tweakblog.tweakblogs.net/blog/ ========= | Hardware | ========= Ledcube: http://www.instructables.com/id/Led-C…


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